Growth of Business Intelligence analytics

Growth of Business Intelligence analytics

The year 2017 was the best year for growth of BI Analytics predictions the rally will continue in 2018 even it will be more aggressive going ahead that includes businesses reaching new levels of success in terms of data analysis, BI tools gives power to users, machines and applications getting smarter, information technology rising its strength in the world.

In the year 2018, building new heights to take BI and analytics in the top to solve the business problems and leads to automation.

In 2018 our focus will be on intelligent automation, Machine Learning, to Chatbots, our team of experts has ready for Augmented Analytics.

Augmented Analytics + Machine Learning + Natural language processing = BI Purchasing Decisions. Focus on to 2020 BI Analytics industry.

It will transform how users will interact with complex data.

1. AceInvent focusing on creating Data-Driven Culture

Analyse complex Data => ETL => Data Warehouse => Hadoop => Reporting helps data-driven decisions for All tasks and projects.

2. Predictive Analysis

Study the Trends in Historical data use current data analysis leads to the accurate prediction of future outcomes.

Majority of deals between an Organization and the individuals will be driven by predictions. So it’s the most important aspect of any business to take major key decisions. Our team & technology expertise believe in innovative solutions in Data Analysis & accurate predictions that help our clients business.

3. Cloud BI

Data Analytics and dashboards + Cloud technology => Data Access anytime, for Everyone, from Everywhere

Our survey says that about 75% of businesses plan to deploy Cloud BI in 2018.

So AceInvent will be ready with all technical aspect to serve the clients on Cloud BI.

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