The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs that every digital marketer Should Read

The 10 Best Digital Marketing Blogs that every digital marketer Should Read

Digital Marketing is the most dynamic field in the recent times. There are so many changes happening in the field. Some were foreseen, some no one ever thought about. Digital Marketing is essential and crucial to make or break a brand.

Practicing digital marketing is a hit and trial method. What works for one brand may absolutely go wrong for the other. To make proper decisions for the digital marketing strategy, the digital marketer must keep himself updated with the latest trends in the market.

As being informed and updated with all the current trends and updates in the industry is one of the primary needs of Digital Marketing. There are many influencers who play a major role in making these trends. For a Digital Marketer to earn credits as an expert digital marketer, it is important for him to follow these great influencers. Here’s a list of most influential blogs and bloggers that every digital marketer must be reading to excel in the industry:

1. The Search Engine Journal: All the blogs on this website give an in-depth insight into the way the search engine works. If you are looking to build your career in Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Marketing, go and follow these blogs right away.

2. Neil Patel: Neil Patel is the new age guru for Digital Marketers. His blogs are easy to comprehend and full of useful insights and information. His experience in the field is immense and his blogs are just a reflection of his experience.

3. The Moz: The Moz is a blog which is helpful for everyone, the one who is seeking a basic knowledge of Digital Marketing and the one who is trying on advanced tricks and techniques. It is an imperial blog site for all.

4. Kiss metrics: The blogs on this website are extremely crisp and data-driven. The data on the blogs is everything you need to analyze, plan and execute your Digital Market strategy. They have real figures and comparison of data which is extremely useful.

5. Econsultancy: Econsultancy is one of the leading Digital Marketing solutions providers. They specialize in provide giving E-marketing solutions to businesses. The blogs on their websites are also in sync with their agenda of giving solutions for marketing. Every growth hacker of a business should follow this blog.

6. Marketing Land: This blog has information about all that is trending in the digital world. They break down heavy concepts in easy to conceive and understand form. Their quality of content is excellent.

7. Search Engine Watch: The topics on the blog address the concerns of the Digital Marketers. Following the blog regularly will expose you to different aspects of the marketing niche. With the help of this blog, many of your questions will be answered.

8. Conceive and Convert: It is a digital Marketing advisory firm which is one of the leading firms in its niche. These blogs cover the digital marketing aspects in a holistic approach. The point in a discussion of the blogs is very relatable and has an immediate implementation.

9.Buffer: It is one of the most visited blogs on Digital Marketing. The blogs highlight various concepts with great examples which are easy to relate to. The blog gives and ideas about how to boost your content on Social Media platforms.

10. Hub-spot: This blog should be on every digital Marketer’s ‘to read’ list. The blog explains different concepts with related examples. Regularly following the blog will provide great inputs to your strategy building.

All the blogs mentioned above are of superior content quality and in no particular order. Ideally, a digital Marketer should follow all the blogs for better ideas, concept clarity and stay updated.